Dojo Yudansha

Listed below are some of the senior members of our dojo as well as some of our regular students. We have an excellent staff of certified instructors to assist you in learning martial arts. We have instructors with Black Belts in both Japanese Jujutsu and Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) as well as historical licensing in the older schools (Koryu). Their backgrounds include information technology, medicine, law enforcement, education and military special operations all with diverse martial arts backgrounds. We are quite confident you will enjoy learning from us.


Todd Schweinhart
  Chief Instructor

Chuck Shuff
  Asst. Instructor

George Jetter
  Asst. Instructor

Dojo Black Belt Seniors

Dr. Touichi Kawabe

Ricky Blanton

Mike Cobb

Chris Kane

Daniel Rolley

Barry Boggs

Noel "Flo" Flores

Ethan Perry

Wes Bierman

Delzeakio Wadlington

Matt Ashby

Black Belts

Peter Greer

Scott Peterson

Ron Graves

Jason Dean

Chad Cunningham

Sean Murphy

Youth Students

Coming soon.....